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Community Groups

We are committed to working with our wider communities to offer new experiences which are truly collaborative from the offset. Our focus is to work with under-represented museum audiences and continue ongoing relationships with groups and individuals.

As a local history museum, we share stories of people and individuals from both Ealing and Hounslow boroughs. However, we recognise gaps in our collections and through the community engagement programme we work towards ensuring we provide an inclusive reflection of voices from our diverse community.

Our projects aim to make the collections more accessible and through co-curation and targeted work, we strive to make this happen.

Some of the projects we have worked on have included developing a Youth Forum who have attended workshops and continue to collaborate on an oral history project with publishing house, social and political activist Eric Huntley who is featured in our People and Place gallery.

If you are interested in working with us or have ideas you wish to share, please contact us on

Click here for some examples of former projects