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The Lives and Legacies of Eric and Jessica Huntley

Originally from Guyana, Eric and Jessica Huntley came to England in the 1950s. They settled in Ealing and established Bogle L’Ouverture Publications, promoting radical Black writing and they set up the Walter Rodney Bookshop, a place of importance for Britain’s Black community.

This online resource explores the work of these activist campaigners and significant Ealing residents. It links to the KS2 National Curriculum for both the local history and the English study elements.

Lessons in a Victorian School

Key Stage Two (or Key Stage One) children can watch this short video clip (11 minutes) to find out what it was like to be in a Victorian school. Lauren Grierson, who has an interesting series of history videos for children on her YouTube channel ‘Lauren Learns History’ travelled back in time to our Victorian classroom here at Gunnersbury to get a brief sense of what lessons might be like in Victorian schools. To get the full experience your school can book one of our immersive workshops on this page.

Before your trip, the class can use this video to prepare for their workshop, or after the trip, your class can look at this video to help them to think about other aspects of a typical Victorian school.