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Activity Trail: Back at home

So, you’ve visited Gunnersbury Park and completed the first part of an activity. Once you’re back at home, click on the buttons below to learn more about each activity location, try some quizzes and get creative!
Wildflower Meadow
Find out about the lifecycle of a wildflower meadow and create your own music.
Bug Hotel
Take a quiz about bugs, design your own minibeast and frame your land art.
Japanese Garden
Delve into the weird and wonderful trees of the Japanese Garden, then write your haiku.
Round Pond
Take a quiz about water birds, find out about artists inspired by swans, and get choreographing!
Horseshoe Pond
Test your shape skills in our quiz and put your favourite Gunnersbury Park photo in a frame.

Did you know...

The longest ever earthworm found in the UK was 40cm long and named Dave.

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