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Loans Boxes and Digital Learning

We have an exciting new combined loans box, digital learning and outreach offer for schools.

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The Vikings

Meet our ‘archaeologist’ as she sets you challenges. This is a special immersive story and a quest for school children to take part in. In your classroom, your class will watch a series of different video clips that we have made, introducing an ‘excavation’ in Gunnersbury Park. She will say she needs their help and will ensure they have a box of replica artefacts based on those she has excavated in different locations. The children investigate the objects, as each week, a new clip sets further challenges, and over time, this will lead the class to reveal the identity of the Viking who once ‘owned’ those objects.

Gunnersbury Park Museum is offering different exciting ways to get some resources linked to this topic. You can choose to take part in the Vikings Story Offer via either the full offer or the medium offer and these are priced separately. Alternatively, rather than get our story, challenges and clips at all, you may wish to get a basic loans box on its own which contains a different set of replica objects and is the cheapest price. You can choose from these different options according to your school's needs.

To find out more details and the price list and about making a booking, please contact us via email or by filling out an enquiry form.

“This was an incredibly clever and motivating way to engage the children with the use of artefacts.”
“The quality of the resources was outstanding. It was so exiting for the children to be able to handle the items and talk about them. It brought the unit to life and helped the children to retain their understanding about Vikings and archaeologists…I think that this is excellent value for money and I would be recommending we have the full Viking offer again next year. ”
St John's Primary, class teacher
“We got to know about longships and that the children had them as toys too. This showed that it was important to all the Vikings.”
“I would like to do it again because the play was really enjoyable. I liked it when Gareth showed us the artefacts.”
St John's Primary, Year 3 children