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We want Gunnersbury Park to a safe and welcoming place for all our visitors. Please respect each other, keep to the guidelines below, and find out how we are working to keep you safe. 



BBQs are not permitted in Gunnersbury Park. For more information on the byelaw please visit The London Borough of Hounslow's website.


Please help ensure that everyone can enjoy the park by keeping your dog under control and cleaning up after it. Gunnersbury Park falls under the Brentford dog control order which also means that the maximum number of dogs one person can walk is four.

There are some places that we ask you to not take your dog. This includes the museum and playgrounds. Assistance dogs are welcome across the entire estate.


(Updated November 2022)

We have looked into the cost of daily opening and closing of the gates at night. Recent quotes have costed this service in the region of £30,000 per annum, subject to annual increases. This figure does not include costs for essential repairs and maintenance to our gates which would need to be completed before we could consider daily opening and closing. For example, the vehicle gate at the entrance leading to the museum needs repair works of over £75,000 before it can be safely operated. The cost of repairing and maintaining Grade II* listed infrastructure is high because it requires specialist contractors to undertake the work. We have a number of entrances and exits into and out of the park, in various states of disrepair, and to open and close them all on a daily basis would incur additional damage and hence more cost.

We do not currently have the funds to progress with this project at this time, since we have a number of higher priority repairs and maintenance issues which we need to deal with. To keep our visitors and neighbours safe we employ Park Guard, who patrol the area in the evenings. They provide a reassuring uniformed presence in the park who can offer assistance if needed, in addition to our own team who are on-site during the day.

Drones & Kites

The wide-open spaces of the park are perfect for flying kites, but keep an eye out for the safety of other park users. Drones are not permitted in the park.

Lost Property

If you find any lost property/ have lost your personal items in the park please report to Gunnersbury Park Museum's Front Desk / call 020 3961 0280

Fitness Instructors

Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC have issued licenses to fitness providers who operate in the park, a full list you can find below. We take no responsibility or assume any liability for the actions of fitness instructors who use Gunnersbury Park without the CIC's official permission. 

Licensed Fitness Providers 

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the ducks is a fun past time for young and old alike.

We ask our visitors to refrain from feeding them bread but instead more nutritional foods: sweetcorn, lettuce, defrosted peas, oats, seeds and rice are much better for our wildlife.

General Park Photography

Personal photography in the park is available free of charge.

You must not impact on any museum or park operations. If you do, you may be asked to move on. Handheld equipment to be used only. No spaces will be reserved for you and your use is at your own risk. No confetti, balloons or glitter is permitted.

Wedding Photography at Gunnersbury Park

Please note that wedding photography is not allowed at Gunnersbury Park unless a you have booked your ceremony/ reception here.

Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC allows pre-wedding and engagement photography to take place at Gunnersbury Park free of charge, and with no objections, provided the following rules and regulations are strictly adhered to:

  • Pre-wedding and engagement photography must not include any wedding attire whatsoever.
  • The party (including the photographer, crew, and those being photographed) must not exceed 5 people.
  • Only minimal handheld equipment is allowed (handheld camera, tripod, handheld lights). No drones, generators, HMI or other large lights, dolly and track, jibs, cranes, etc. are allowed.
  • Photography is only allowed in the park and is not allowed inside the museum. Photography outside and around the Museum, Orangery or Temple is not allowed whilst there is a venue hire taking place.
  • The photos taken are used for personal use only, and not for any commercial use (including use in magazines and paid social media).

Tree Policy

Ealing Council completed a full survey of Gunnersbury Park trees in 2016 when the authority first became responsible for trees on this historic site.

This tree survey identified many hazardous trees and all emergency and urgent works were completed within six months, including the removal of dozens of trees and the further detailed examination of many others.

Since 2016, Ealing Tree Service has undertaken targeted tree inspections based on ‘walk by surveys’ and the observations of ground staff, these inspections have been focused on high use areas such as around the main house, pond, playgrounds and the event locations.

A full tree survey of Gunnersbury Park took place in autumn 2020.

Anyone wishing to raise concerns about a specific tree should contact Colin Rowland, Tree Officer at London Borough of Ealing on

Download Ealing's Tree Strategy here.

Exhibition and Public / Community Programming Proposals

Gunnersbury’s exhibition programme is devised up to two years or more in advance and there are limited exhibition slots available. Most of our exhibitions are developed from our own research and invitations to collaborate however we do sometimes accept proposals from groups and individuals. Click here for further information.

Gunnersbury’s public and communities programmes are devised up to two years or more in advance, based on feedback from our audiences and to tie in with our exhibition themes. Most of our programming is developed from our own research and collaborations with local groups / practitioners however we do sometimes accept unsolicited proposals. Click here for further information.