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Victorian School

Will you survive a lesson in our Victorian schoolroom…

One of our most popular sessions, this immersive and drama-based workshop is led by two costumed characters. Our strict Victorian schoolmistress will instruct her new pupils in the 3Rs, vocal gymnastics and physical drill.


For a more authentic experience, pupils will use slates, slate pencils and copybooks, all kindly donated by Lord and Lady Rothschild, once the owners of Gunnersbury and local philanthropists who supported education and healthcare during the Victorian period.

Exemplary pupils will be duly rewarded with certificates of merit by Her Majesty’s Inspector, who just happens to be visiting. But be warned, failure to meet the Inspector’s exacting standards will lead to punishment and shame – the finger stocks, back straighteners or dunces’ caps!

Go to our Teaching Resources page here: Teaching Resources | Gunnersbury ( to see a short video clip that features a sneaky peek into our Victorian classroom.


"Perfect! Gave children a real life experience. Great for them to experience 'first-hand."
St Stephen's C of E School
"Really helped to build children's understanding of life in the past in a way they can relate to."
Fairholme Primary
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: £155 per workshop of up to 32 children

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Learning Objectives

To experience school life from the point of view of a Victorian child, identifying differences and similarities with present day school life, and drawing conclusions about changes in attitudes and practices in children’s education over time.


National Curriculum links


  • Number – addition and subtraction


  • A study of an aspect or theme in British history beyond 1066
  • Historical concepts – continuity and change, similarity and difference, drawing contrasts


  • Spoken language and listening skills, increasing vocabulary, role-play
  • Reading skills – comprehension
  • Handwriting