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15 July



Alien Worlds: Outdoor exhibition

This exhibition shows artwork by local children from Lionel Primary School.
Pupils imagined what aliens might look like and how aliens might survive on planets with different sizes, atmospheres and landscapes. Each of our five outdoor display boards represents a different planet.

See aliens from the firey planet Voltox, and volcanic moon, Ventar.

Discover aliens amongst the ice waterfalls of frozen planet Blizzar.

Meet a world of aliens on dusty, rocky planet Boldar.

Dip into the watery planet Drizzar.

Find slimy aliens that live in the swamp-infested planet Moldar.

You can even see yourself on an alien body if you look in to the face-shaped mirrors on our larger aliens!

Event details


15 July 2024
16 July 2024
17 July 2024
18 July 2024
19 July 2024
20 July 2024


Every day, dawn until dusk


Free entry


By the Round Pond


No booking required

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